Xi Jinping Putin Friendship: Perhaps only one could overcome China’s diplomacy. This is what gives him the opportunity to put his hand up in any situation. China is now playing the same diplomatic game with Russia as well. Even though he has said that there is no limit to the friendship between Russia and China. On the ground, there is a big difference between China’s words and actions regarding Russia.

He is keeping his promise of friendship with Russia, but for this he is not putting aside his personal interests at all. If Ukraine’s conflict escalates, there is little hope that the dragon will become Russia’s lifeline. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ‘tauba tere ye gesture’ attitude, finally Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘Your hope awaits you’ that what color the campaign will bring, it remains to be seen on the global stage. Is.

Will the meeting of Putin and Xi feed Gul?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are meeting for the first time since the Ukraine conflict. According to the Kremlin, the two global leaders will discuss the Ukraine war as well as other global and local issues. In fact, the strategic partnership between China and Russia will be the focus of the whole world at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization-SCO summit starting from 15 September. China clearly knows that Xi’s meeting with Russia amounts to an informal endorsement of Putin’s policies.

However, Xi is also alert and cautious that everyone will keep an eye on him while interacting with the controversial Russian leader. Shortly before attacking Ukraine in February, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping declared No Limits Friendship. There is no doubt that for President Putin close ties with China are an important part of what he sees as a “new multipolar world”. In this, countries like China and Russia will always outweigh Western influence around the world.

Even after this, Russian President Putin, who has suffered a lot of humiliation and loss on the battlefield, should not expect much help in this meeting with his Chinese counterpart. Even though the Russian President is saying in this meeting that Russia-China trade will reach a new record level of $ 200 billion in 2022. Russia firmly adheres to the One China Principle, condemns US provocations on Taiwan. Yet Russia should not expect military help from China.

When it was said that there will be no limit in friendship

Xi and Putin are meeting in Uzbekistan on Thursday. For Putin, this meeting is not just a show off, but Xi Jinping is also taking this meeting as a precaution. According to Taiwan’s government-backed Central News Agency, this meeting with Putin can also become a reason for dishonor for Jinping. This is happening at a time when Ukraine has driven Russian troops from large areas of the eastern part of here.

Earlier, Xi and Putin met in February this year. Then Russian President Putin met Chinese President Xi face-to-face before the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing amid tensions in Ukraine. During this, Putin praised his country’s deep relationship with China. This was followed by a long joint statement of over 5,000 words by both the leaders.

In it, he vowed “no ‘forbidden’ zones in cooperation” to challenge the US-led global order and insist on a multipolar world. It was clear from this statement that both the countries will not set any limit in helping each other, will leave no stone unturned.

When China was alerted by Russia’s Ukraine attack

A few weeks after this meeting, Russia attacked Ukraine. China was not ready for the action of this sudden attack by Russia. After this attack, China appeared cautious. Because of this, officials in Beijing initially got into trouble that if they supported Russia, they would be blamed for supporting in a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and would face the world’s crooked eyes. Along with this, China’s support to Russia could have given the countries of the world an excuse to justify foreign interference in the case of Taiwan. In fact, China claims Taiwan as its territory.

Eventually China’s diplomatic support for Russia strengthened over the months. In August this year, when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, this support got stronger. As a result, last week, China’s top parliamentarian and leader of the country’s political hierarchy, Li Zhanshu, visited Moscow. “Beijing’s leaders fully understand the need for Russia to take all measures aimed at protecting its core interests,” Li told Russian lawmakers. In a way, he indirectly supported the Russian attack.

Fear of sanctions started haunting the dragon

Despite the boom in trade, the US and its allies have imposed wide-ranging sanctions on Russia. At that time, because of helping Russia, Beijing was afraid that it might also become a target of these sanctions. This is the reason why it has stopped sending military supplies or financial aid to Russia. Despite recent apprehensions among some financial investors, Beijing’s position on Russia appears unlikely to change. Even if Putin asked Xi on Thursday for military aid to Ukraine after heavy Russian losses in recent weeks.

The opinion and analysis of world experts regarding China’s military aid to Russia is also pointing to the fact that there is little hope of China giving such help to Russia. Elizabeth Wishnick, a senior research scientist at CNA, a security think tank in Washington, said, “Chinese officials talk about partnership ‘without any limits’, but Russia and China always Agreed to disagree on many issues.” “I don’t think that Chinese military aid to Russia is likely to be given because of sanctions and strong international opposition,” he added. Research scientist Vishnik also said, “It would also refute Chinese claims that Western military support for Ukraine is keeping the war going.”

China will see its personal interest first

In recent days, Putin has suffered some of his biggest losses since the start of the war. Ukraine said it took back more than 6,000 square kilometers (2,300 sq mi) of land in a retaliatory strike. This has turned the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the other side. Although Russia still controls about a fifth of Ukraine, fears are growing that Putin may go further on the battlefield to win. While Xi sees Russia as an important diplomatic ally to counter the US.

Xi is particularly focused on Russia’s military alliances and control of its global financial system. If seen in this way, there are some domestically beneficial reasons for China to support Russia. On the other hand, Xi is set to secure a third term in power in a one-party Congress next month. Meanwhile, the situation in China is also not in favor for Xi. His country is also battling with economic slowdown and property crisis. On the other hand, sending troops or weapons to China would be a violation of sovereignty. China fears that this will reduce its own status in the world. According to the US, the Kremlin has to turn to Iran and North Korea for drones and ammunition.

If due to financial restrictions If any Chinese life suffers or if there is any economic difficulty in the country, then this The political form of the Communist Party puts its return at risk. Significantly, the Communist Party of China has vowed to improve the standard of living of the people of its country. Alam was that to save the people from death, a complete lock down was imposed in the important cities. It is clear that China, which is so strict for the betterment of the country, will not ignore its personal interests only for the sake of Russia.

How China will balance the balance between Russia and the world

Even after this, China still has many ways to show more support to Russia without damaging its position amid its Russia-Ukraine crisis, says Amanda Hsiao, senior analyst at Crisis Group, a Brussels-based policy research organization. she says that one of the ways This includes using the SCO meeting in Uzbekistan to show the world that Putin is not isolated. With this, China can participate in more military exercises with Russia. One more thing to note is that the economic relations between China and Russia have flourished even after the US and European sanctions on Russia due to the war. Russia’s exports to China in energy and other goods rose nearly 50 percent to $40.8 billion in the first five months of the year.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China came forward to help Russia after Western foreign firms of cars, TVs and smartphones turned away from Russia. This improved the export of these things to Russia. Exports of integrated circuits and other semiconductor components and the machines that make them to Russia rose to $155 million in the first seven months of this year, a nearly 27 percent increase from the same time in 2021. So far, China has left no stone unturned in providing political and moral support to Moscow. Hsiao says that However, keeping in mind its economic interests, China has been avoiding giving military aid to Russia. In this way, it has balanced its economic and diplomatic interests by not crossing the line of international sanctions imposed on Russia. There is no doubt that Beijing will adopt a similar attitude in this matter.

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