Hijab Controversy: Hijab is being discussed a lot these days. Although this time the discussion is not because of India, but because of Iran. Hijab row has gained momentum after the death of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini in Iran. Actually, Amini was detained by the police some time ago for not wearing a hijab. It is alleged that the police tortured in custody, due to which his condition deteriorated and he died. After the death of Mahsa Amini, women in Iran have agitated for the hijab. She is burning her hijab, cutting her hair. Today we are going to tell you the story of this hijab, about which there is a controversy. After all, where did the hijab come from, how it started and how it became mandatory in some Muslim countries.

what is hijab

Hijab is a square cloth like a scarf. Muslim women use it to cover their hair, head and neck, to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated or unknown men in public places or even at home.

journey started like this

According to the report of CNN, the hijab was not started according to the religion, but according to the need of women. Its use was started by the people of Mesapotamian civilization. Then linen cloth was used to protect the head from strong sunlight, dust and rain. It was tied on the head. If you look at the ancient Assyrian inscriptions written in the 13th century, you will find a mention of it in that too. Apart from this, author Fegeh Shirazi has written in his book ‘The Well Unwielde: The Hijab in Modern Culture’ that in Saudi Arabia, due to the climate there, women had a practice of covering their heads even before the arrival of Islam. Women used to use it to escape from the scorching heat.

There was a ban on the use of these women

Of course at that time some women started using hijab to protect themselves from the sun, dust, but this use was only for a certain class. Its use was banned for poor women and prostitutes. If a woman of this category was seen in a hijab, she was punished.

In this way the color of religion mounted on the hijab

Gradually the hijab became stylish. Due to its new design, it started being used in countries where it was not used. Now when its use gradually increased beyond fashion, it became associated with religion and in many countries it was made mandatory for women, girls and widows to wear it.

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