The upcoming season of Sister Wives on TLC will feature Kody Brown's split from Christine.


The show, which began in 2010, follows the Brown family patriarch and his wives in their plural marriage. 

The new season of Sister Wives will focus on the aftermath of Christine and Kody's split, as seen in the trailer. Kody's other wives will be shown reacting to the news.


In November 2021, Christine announced on her Instagram that her marriage to Kody is over.

Although it wasn't entirely unexpected, the confirmation that Christine and Kody are splitting up came as a bit of a shock to viewers who have been following their relationship closely. 

Season 16 showed just how much strain the COVID-19 pandemic was putting on their relationship, and it seems like that was ultimately the straw that broke the camel's back.


Christine said that Kody didn't go with their daughter Ysabel when she had to get surgery, which she thought was unfair.

Kody did not travel with Christine and Ysabel as he wanted to avoid traveling during the pandemic.

'Sister Wives' Season 17: Why Did Christine and Kody Brown Split?