Hugh Jackman will be leaving the Broadway show, 'The Music Man,' in January. The show will end its run shortly after. 

The extremely popular Broadway revival of "The Music Man" will end on Jan. 1, because the producers decided not to recast the show after Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster left.


Jackman and Foster will have been in the show for a little more than a year once it closes, which is the normal length of time for a Broadway contract.


They have both been working on the project for several years, but it was delayed, like many other shows, by the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many other shows, it was postponed due to coronavirus cancellations.

Horton is partnering with billionaire Barry Diller and David Geffen to produce the show.

Despite the mixed reviews from critics and zero Tony Awards, the show has been a huge success, largely due to Jackman's popularity among musical theater fans.

Since it opened, the revival of the show has been the most successful on Broadway in terms of ticket sales.

It used to make over $3 million dollars a week, which is a lot for Broadway.

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Now its sales have gone down a bit, but it still makes between $2.7 and $2.9 million dollars a week, which is still very good.