In an interview with Extra, Ellen Pompeo revealed that she would be open to working with Patrick Dempsey again after he was named one of this year's Disney Legends.

Pompeo began talking about her McDreamy costar by saying that they have done some great work together and that they are both proud of it.

She also said that they had a great time doing it and that they created something really iconic.

She said that she would maybe consider working with Dempsey again in the future, but she mostly just wants to make the fans of "Grey's Anatomy" happy.


Pompeo teased that they may have texted about it.

I think the fans would really enjoy seeing another season of the show. We would definitely be open to it, I would be especially if the material was good.

Pompeo also talked about her new role in the upcoming season with Extra.

It has been recently revealed that she will not have a big role in the upcoming 19th season and will only make a physical appearance in eight of the 19 episodes.


Meredith Grey will still be a main character on the show.

Pompeo said that she is going to continue working with ABC on a limited series for Hulu, but she needs a break to do something new.

This could possibly mean that she might work with Dempsey in the future.