US Killer Arrested: US Police has arrested a dreaded criminal Fang Lu from California, he had recently returned to America from China. The accused had killed his entire family including his boss before 8 years. He committed the crime only because he was not promoted by the boss. After committing the murder, this accused had absconded and was constantly adopting new tactics to avoid arrest. With the help of DNA test, the police finally arrested the accused on September 11.

In the interrogation of the police, the reason given by this accused for the murder, you will be quite surprised to hear. The accused Feng Lu told the police that he had carried out this incident on 30 January 2014 after he did not get promotion in the job. Apart from his boss, Fang Lu shot and killed his wife and their two children. The dead bodies of these people were found by the police from different bedrooms.

Huge news! On 1-30-14, HCSO deputies responded to a residence at 14015 Fosters Creek Dr (Cypress). Deputies discovered two (2) adults, one male and one female, and two children, ages 9 and 7, deceased from gunshot wounds. On Sunday, 9-11-22, HCSO Homicide Investigators 1/3

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was upset by this 

Police Fang Lu Qi  After the arrest, he told the media that the accused had gone insane due to lack of promotion in the job and asked his senior boss  Apart from that his entire family was wiped out. According to the documents submitted to the court, Fang Lu wanted to get himself transferred to the research and development section of his company. For this, he had also recommended his boss Mao several times, but he got angry when the boss did not promote him.
The boss said derogatory things 

After that, when he reached the office the next day, he saw that everyone was treating him differently, because Feng Lu’s boss had said some derogatory things about him in the office. After this, Fang Lu felt that he was not promoted because of his boss.

DNA detected 

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