Vending Machines For Free Bread: A very good initiative has been taken in Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). A great arrangement has been made here so that no needy resident can sleep hungry. In Dubai, if a person is hungry, then vending machines have been installed for him, from where he can take bread for free. Hot and fresh bread is prepared in these machines within a minute. The ‘Bread for All’ campaign was launched in Dubai last week on Saturday, 17 September. Many vending machines have been installed in Dubai to provide free bread.

‘Bread for All’ campaign in Dubai

Laborers, delivery riders and daily wage laborers will get a lot of relief through vending machines. These machines are modern and immediately prepare bread for the needy and provide them free of cost. The ‘Bread for All’ campaign has been launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Center for Endowment Consultancy under the Awkaf and Miners Affairs Foundation (AMAF), to provide freebies to underprivileged families and laborers at different times of the day, Indian Express reports. Bread can be provided.

free bread from vending machine

Many vending machines are placed at the entrance of grocery stores. These machines have refills twice a day to ensure consistent supply, giving people the option to choose between Arabic bread and finger rolls. Once ‘click to order’ is selected, the machine starts preparing and then dispenses free hot bread in about a minute.

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