Twitter Vs Musk: Twitter shareholders have approved Elon Musk’s $44 billion buyout deal. The news agency AFP gave this information. Elon Musk had canceled this deal in the past. Twitter said on Tuesday that counting showed shareholders supported Elon Musk’s bid to buy the social media platform for $44 billion, even as he was trying to breach the contract.

The tally came during a shareholders’ meeting, which lasted only a few minutes, with most votes being cast online. Twitter has sued Musk to close the deal and its hearing is set for October.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, Elon Musk had a deal with Twitter in April for about $ 44 billion at $ 54.20 per share. A few days after this deal, a standoff started between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter. Elon Musk accused Twitter of fraud, saying that Twitter gave him misleading business information when he signed the $44 billion deal.

Musk had said that when he asked Twitter for details of bot accounts ie fake accounts, Twitter refused it. Elon Musk then put this deal on hold. Musk had warned Twitter that if the company did not give information about its fake accounts, then he would cancel the deal. After this, in July, he canceled this deal.

Elon Musk also filed a petition in the court against Twitter. In this case, on August 27, the court has ordered Twitter to share the details of 9,000 accounts that were surveyed last year.

At the same time, instead of canceling the deal, Twitter filed a case to complete it. The hearing of this case has been fixed for October.

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