SCO Summit 2022: The summit of SCO ie Shanghai Cooperation Organization is being held in Samarkand. This time there is every possibility that Iran will also be made a full-time member of this organization. If this happens, then 3 special enemies of America will come together in this organization, because China and Russia are already part of this regional organization. Iran will also join it. On which America has imposed sanctions. In such a situation, how will India balance its diplomatic relations with America. It will be important to see this.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi are on the same platform. The name of that forum is – SCO i.e. Shanghai Cooperation Organization. There will also be two such countries on this platform, which America looks at with suspicion. Pakistan and Turkey. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Turkish President Ardugon have also reached Samarkand city of Uzbekistan to participate in the SCO summit.

The chessboard of diplomacy in Samarkand

That is, overall, the number of countries living against America in Samarkand city of Uzbekistan is very high. There is Russia here, China too, Iran too and Pakistan-Turkey too. The issue may be of regional cooperation, but will this meeting of its enemies not be knocking America. America has only one friend in the board of diplomacy laid in Samarkand. And its name is India. Because it is the success of India’s diplomacy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to speak India with full confidence on a platform where America’s opponents are more.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet all the leaders on the SCO platform. In which the Presidents of China and Russia are also included, but after this, Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a bilateral meeting at 4:10 pm at the Regency Hotel in Samarkand in the evening. On which America will definitely be watching.

What will America do after Modi-Putin meeting?

Why is the world eyeing what Modi will say in the SCO meeting? Why is the world eyeing Modi in SCO? On this, former diplomat Deepak Vora says that there are problems everywhere, but India is the closest friend. Tolerates China, but trusts India. The Soviet Union has relations with Russia. Narendra Modi is the star of the show. Everyone will see that when Modi has a meeting with Putin and Iran, the focus will be on India, what is India’s position.

Tomorrow, when Modi and Putin meet, America will have the most eyes on them and the reason for this is the enmity between America and Russia. When Russia attacked Ukraine in February this year, the whole world condemned it. America even imposed sanctions on Russia in many ways. It is a different matter that Ukraine is now taking back its lost land from Russia, but the whole world stood up against this advance of Russia. Except those countries which are friends of Russia and India is at the top of those friends.

How did India support Russia?

  • After the war, India refused to condemn Russia.
  • India did not vote against Russia in the United Nations.
  • Despite sanctions, India bought a lot of crude oil from Russia.
  • Because of this, Russia sold oil to India at even cheaper prices.
  • In June, Russia became India’s second largest oil supplier.

For these reasons, it is believed that America will be angry with India, but this is the beauty of India’s foreign policy that despite US sanctions, it is also buying oil from Russia and also maintaining friendship with America. Big leaders of the world were posing for photos on the G7 platform, when US President Joe Biden came from behind and met the Indian Prime Minister with this warmth. Just a month before this, the Indian Prime Minister and the US President have also met in Japan. This was the chance of Quad. Bilateral talks were also held between the two here in May.

America needs India

It is necessary to mention here that at the time when these two meetings took place, the war between Russia and Ukraine was going on and India had expressed its friendship with Russia. That is why America instigates India against Russia, but because of its foreign policy, India is not in any block and American’s compulsion is that it needs India to face China.

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