Taiwan Earthquake: In 24 hours, the earth of Taiwan shook not once, not ten times, not 50 times but about 100 times. Strong tremors were felt once again in Taiwan on Sunday. The magnitude of the earthquake was measured at 7.2 on the Richter scale. Actually, this earthquake has been felt 85 km east of Taiwan at around 12:14 pm. At the same time, Japan has issued a tsunami warning after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Taiwan.

US Geological Survey (US Geological Survey) said, prompting Japan to issue a tsunami warning. According to media reports, earthquake tremors have been felt 100 times in different parts of Taiwan in the last 24 hours. Somewhere, two pieces of land were seen, and somewhere the bridge collapsed.

Strong tremors of earthquake were felt on Saturday as well. The magnitude of this earthquake was measured at 6.4 on the Richter scale. The agency said that some houses were damaged due to the earthquake, while the railway service was also disrupted.

High-speed rail services were canceled

The agency said that after the earthquake, there was a ruckus in the area. People ran outside the houses. Fortunately, there was no news of any casualty in this earthquake. He said, due to the earthquake, the metro system in the southern Kaohsiung city was affected for a long time. The Taiwan Railway Administration temporarily halted trains connecting Hualien and Taitung. Along with this, high speed rail services were also canceled. The epicenter of this earthquake was reported in the north of Taitung County.

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