Sweden Prime Minister Resign: Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced her resignation on Wednesday night. She said she would submit her resignation to the Speaker of Parliament on Thursday. He has given this resignation after the results of the election results were clear. In these results, his coalition did not get a majority. In view of this, he accepted his defeat and announced his resignation from the post of PM.

Press conference called on Wednesday night

Magdalena Andersson said during Wednesday night’s press conference that ‘preliminary results are enough to conclude that their centre-left forces have lost power, while the right-wing faction of the four parties, which includes the Sweden Democrats, won a majority by a small margin. has achieved. At present it is the second largest party in the country. At the same time, after the victory, the leader of the Swedish Democrats, Jimmy Axon, said that his party would serve as a constructive and driving force for the reconstruction of security in Sweden. He said that it is time to put Sweden first.

Ulf Christerson’s name is now forward for PM

However, out of the right-wing faction of four parties, moderate party leader Ulf Christerson is leading the race for the post of prime minister. Because SD leader Jimmy Axon is unable to unite all four parties to lead the government. This fact is further strengthened by a post by Christerson in which he has written, I am now going to start the work of forming a new and strong government.

lost majority by a small margin

In Sweden’s election results, the right-wing bloc leads with 176 seats in the 349-seat parliament, while the Riksdag and Andersen’s centre-left bloc won 173 seats. Anderson said, it appears that the four right-wing parties have got only 50% of the vote in the election. This is a very small majority but because this is the mandate of the people and this is the majority, I will submit my resignation to the Speaker of Parliament tomorrow.

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