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100-byō de Wakaru Meisaku Gekijō stars comedians, uses free illustrations to tell classic stories The Japanese intellectual property company Rights announced on Friday that it is producing an anime based on Takashi Mifune’s Irasutoya art library titled 100-byō de Wakaru Meisaku Gekijō (Understanding Masterpiece Theater in 100 Seconds) that will premiere within the Bit World children’s program on NHK Educational on April 8. The anime is a collaboration between Irasutoya and the two comedy...
The anime uses characters from the Irasutoya library to tell stories about various world myths, classic stories, and literature in a modern style. The first four episodes focus on Romeo and Juliet, the Kakiyamabushi kyogen stage production, Sleeping Beauty, and the Shibahama rakugo comic story. The Kaerutei comedy duo Shūhei Nakano and Iwakure voice the Rabbit and the Bear characters, respectively, in the anime. Similarly, the Everybody comedy duo Takuto OK!! and Kawanami choy? voice the...
Junpei Ishihara is directing the anime, and Shōta Shimizu and Kurara Abe are animating. Kensuke Shiga is producing, and. Akita Ishida is credited for production coordination. Kaname Hayashi, Kentarō Iwakiri, and Manabu Yamauchi are credited for production. Irasutoya is a free-to-use illustration library which provides cute illustrations drawn by artist Takashi Mifune for non-commercial use. The library covers a wide range of themes, characters, and objects.

Source: PR Times via Otakomu

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