Putin Assassination Attempt: According to the report of Euro Weekly News, there was a conspiracy to blow up the car of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This conspiracy proved unsuccessful and Putin narrowly escaped. However, no clear information has been given about when this attempt took place. According to media reports, several arrests have been made in connection with the attempt to murder.

Media reports also said that the accident happened when Vladimir Putin was on his way back to his official residence. Let us tell you that Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly disclosed in 2017 that he had survived at least five assassination attempts.

Many close friends of Putin have died

Let us tell you that the attempt to kill the Russian President has failed, but before that many of his close friends have died under suspicious circumstances. The question on everyone’s mind is why are Putin’s close ones dying one by one.

Ravil Maganov died on 31 August

According to media reports, on March 3, 2022, Russia’s biggest oil tycoon and a close aide of Vladimir Putin, Ravil Maganov, criticized the attack on Ukraine. Also appealed to end the war soon through talks. It was not even 6 months that on August 31, 67-year-old Ravil died in a hospital in Moscow under suspicious circumstances.

Yuri Voronov died on July 19

Like Ravil Maganov, Yuri Voronov, the CEO and founder of Astra Shipping Company, also died on 19 July 2022. The body of 61-year-old Yuri Voronov was found in the swimming pool of his home in St. Petersburg. Before Yuri Voronov, 6 big Russian businessmen have died this year.

Putin has also lost his close friends

According to media reports, like Ravil Maganov and Yuri Voronov, Alexander Subotin, Sergei Protosenya, Vladislav Ayev, Mikhail Watford and Alexander Tulakov have also died under suspicious circumstances.

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