Queen Elizabeth II To Be Buried in Royal Vault: British Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated today (Queen Elizabeth II Funeral). The body of the Queen will be buried in the Royal Vault. Royal vault means royal vault in English.

In Britain, there is a tradition to bury the dead of the Royal Family at this place. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of the Queen, was also buried in this Royal Vault. The bodies of more than two dozen people of the royal family have been buried in the Royal Vault.

The Queen will stay with her husband in the Royal Vault

The plan for the Queen’s funeral has been named Operation London Bridge Code. According to this, the body of the Queen will be buried in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The body will be placed at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in Windsor, where the Queen will live with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip is currently in the Royal Vault. Prince Philip will be taken to the Queen.

The chapel is also the final resting place of the Queen’s father, King George VI, the late Queen Mother and sister Princess Margaret. St George’s Chapel was founded in 1475 by King Edward III and has been at the center of many royal ceremonies since then.

The last rites of this royal personality took place here

Officially, this chapel became the burial site for the royal family in the 19th century. The part of the chapel where the body of Queen Elizabeth II will be buried was constructed in 1969. Pleasure events such as royal family weddings are also organized in this chapel.

The last time the body of Princess Alice, the mother of Francis Philippe, was buried in this chapel was in 1969. Later his body was shifted to Jerusalem.

What is Royal Vault?

There are many different burial places in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, the Royal Vault is also one of them. This place dates back to the 15th century. It is a burial chamber built 16 feet below St. George’s Chapel. In 1804, King George III ordered its excavation and construction. Its construction was completed in 1810. It was designed as the final resting place for the members of the royal family.

The Royal Vault is a stone chamber 70 feet long and 28 feet wide. Its entrance is closed by an iron gate. The Royal Vault has enough space to hold 44 bodies. In this, 32 coffins are arranged on shelves made in stone walls while the remaining 12 have been arranged in the center of the Royal Vault. So far 25 members of the royal family have been buried at this place.

George III was the first British Maharaja to be placed in the Royal Vault after his funeral in February 1820. However, the first member in the Royal Vault was George III’s daughter, Princess Amelia, who died in November 1810 at the age of 27.

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