Social Media Causes Sleep Disorder: The secret of good health is a good sleep, but the way people’s life has become in today’s time. Getting a good night’s sleep has proved to be very difficult. Be it a person of any age. Due to excessive use of social media nowadays, children are losing sleep for almost an entire night. A study conducted in Leicester schools, led by Dr John Shaw of De Montfort University, has revealed a great deal about children’s sleep. Usually babies get only 8 hours of sleep instead of 12 hours.

Mobile phone is the main reason,

Mobile phones have been cited as the main reason for the lack of sleep. These studies were done on 60 school students of 10 years. Most of which had access to social media. 69 percent of these children said that they use mobile phones for four hours a day and are active on social media. Out of which about 89 percent admitted to having a smartphone of their own. About 55 percent of children use tablets and 23 percent of children use laptops.

On which social media are children active?,

It was also found in the research that children keep themselves busy on different media platforms. Among them is the video sharing app Tik-Tok. 57 percent of people used the photo-sharing site Instagram, 17 percent of the Reddit forum and less than 2 percent used Facebook.

Why children are active on social media,

Research found that children worry about what their friends are doing. He wants to keep all the information of his friends. It was also found in research that two-thirds of people use social media before sleeping.

reason for online betting mobile phone

During Pew Research, it was found that every fifth youth in America i.e. 19 percent has invested money in some kind of online betting in a year. In which he has been a victim of online betting most of the times.

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