Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral: The last farewell to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will be given on Monday, 19 September, she will be buried on this day. This is such an occasion after decades in the British monarchy, when a large number of royal families of the world as well as important heads of state are going to gather in this country. Invitations have been sent to 500 people from the royal family to attend the Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral, but some of the world’s most powerful heads of state have not felt the need to invite them on the occasion of this royal gummy. There are reasons behind this too. Whatever be the case, the royal family of Britain has shown its status to the world by doing so.

Russian President was not invited

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The reason behind this is Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Relations between Britain and Russia have soured after the attack on Ukraine. Because of this Britain’s diplomatic relations with Russia have ended. However, in this matter, the spokesperson of the Russian President made his position clear on this matter only last week. A spokesman for the Russian president said Putin had no plans to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Along with Russia, Britain has also not invited Belarus to this important occasion. The Russia-Ukraine war is also the issue behind this. In fact, when Ukraine was attacked, the attack was started from the territory of Belarus. Because of this, Britain is also bypassing Belarus on this important occasion. Along with this, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is considered close to Russian President Putin.

Myanmar is also out of Queen’s funeral

No representative of Myanmar has been invited to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The reason for this is also diplomatic. In fact, in February 2021 in Myanmar, the army overthrew the government here. After this military coup, Britain started shunning Myanmar. Since then, Britain started reducing its political presence in this country.

Even the dragon will not attend the royal funeral

The situation is also not clear about Chinese President Xi Jinping attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. There is also speculation about Xi’s arrival at Westminster Abbey on 19 September for the Queen’s burial. If sources are to be believed, it is not clear whether the invitation has been sent to the Chinese President, or whether he will accept the invitation if he is sent. At present, Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a journey outside China for the first time since the Kovid epidemic. Xi left on his state visit on Wednesday. According to Kazakhstan and the Kremlin, he will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, the ancient Silk Road city of Uzbekistan. There he will first meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. If it is said that China’s proximity to Russia is also in the eyes of Britain’s royal family and that is why the situation is not clear about the President of China attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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