Queen Elizabeth Death: The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II remains the largest event in the world in this century. He died on 8 September and today i.e. on 19 September, he will be given a final farewell with state honors. Heads of State, President, Prime Minister, representatives of different countries from all over the world have come to pay tribute to him. The body of the Queen is kept in Westminster Abbey of Parliament.

Today the process of cremation will start after removing his body from here and it will be handed over as per the schedule. Here we will talk about the cannon vehicle that will take them from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. Very special is the artillery on which Queen Elizabeth’s casket will travel from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. This is the same vehicle on which the funeral procession of his father also took place.

cannon car feature

  • This cannon vehicle, which was out of active military service, was first used for the funeral of Queen Victoria in 1901.
  • This vehicle is now used exclusively for this purpose.
  • The same vehicle was also used at the funerals of King Edward-VII, George-V, George-VI (Elizabeth’s father), former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the last Viceroy of India, Louis Mountbatten.
  • The artillery is kept in a controlled environment at the naval base HMS Excellent. A military squad is stationed to take care of it.
  • Every week a military officer turns its wheels a little. So that the shape of its wheels does not deteriorate due to its weight.

  • Along with the historic military artillery, a special Jaguar car called the State Horse will also be used in Queen Elizabeth’s final journey.
  • This is a special car that was prepared by Jaguar Land Rover in consultation with the royal family. Light has also been installed in the back side so that even if it is dark, people standing outside can see them.
  • Its design was approved by the Queen herself. On it is the seal of the Queen, ie the English letter E and the crown placed on it is inscribed.
  • In this, the queen’s castket will be kept towards the back seat. This vehicle was also used when the body of the Queen was brought from Scotland to London.

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