Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: The Queen addressed Britain for the first time as Princess Elizabeth on her 21st birthday. His speech was broadcast on the radio from Cape Town. Then she said, “I declare that whether my life is short or long, I will always be devoted to your service.” The same Queen of Britain passed away at the age of 96, and on Monday, was absorbed in the memory of George VI forever in the chapel. Not only the royal family of Britain, but the whole world had gathered to bid a last farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning queen in 25 years. Feel the moments of this memorable farewell of the Queen here.

Will miss this moment…

Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for a long time, was special in many ways. Whether it is to take over the reins of Britain’s monarchy or to remain queen till her last breath. The moments of the last farewell of such a special queen were also very special. The Queen’s coffin was brought to the Westminster Hall of Parliament House on Wednesday 14 September after her final journey that began from her London royal residence Buckingham Palace.

King Charles III’s sons Prince William, Prince Harry and senior members of the royal family stayed in honor of the Queen behind the sarcophagus kept in the artillery. The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne and Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were also following the vehicle containing the coffin. Here for four days, his coffin was kept in the ‘Ling-in-State’ for the views and tribute of the general public of Britain. Before the funeral rituals, an emotional King Charles said that the public has been with him and the royal family in such a way that this feeling has touched his heart. According to the time of Britain, people here visited their beloved queen from five o’clock in the evening to 6.30 in the morning.

The journey of coronation begins where it ends

According to UK time, from here on Monday morning at 8 am, the onward journey of the mortal body of the late Queen Elizabeth II, kept with royal honors, began. At 9.44 a.m. the Queen’s coffin moved from Westminster Hall for the onward journey. The Queen’s coffin was hauled from Westminster Hall to the Abbey by 142 unicorn-clad sailors in the Royal Navy’s State Gun Carriage. This carriage was used at the funerals of Lord Mountbatten in 1979 and King George VI in 1952. First of all, this procession of his last journey reached Westminster Abbey. This is where her love became official with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on 20 November 1947. From this place, the Queen’s running of Britain’s monarchy began in June 1953.

It was from this place that the queen was crowned and this place witnessed the last moments of her queen’s stay till her last breath. Here a religious program was held in the presence of thousands of people who came to bid him their last farewell. After this, the body of Britain’s longest-reigning Queen was brought to Windsor Castle for the Second Service. After paying respects to the Queen here, she was finally buried in the chapel built in memory of King George VI in the presence of members of the royal family. The Queen’s funeral was the most special and grand royal funeral since Winston Churchill in 1960. According to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth herself had already made preparations for her last journey. For this he personally added some things.

This journey of moment by moment goodbye

According to the time of Britain, at 10:44, the funeral program had started moving forward. The body of the late Queen was brought to Westminster Abbey, the same open coffin vehicle in which she was brought to Westminster Hall. In the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy, 142 unicorn-clad sailors were being towed. It was as if the Queen was gracefully taking steps towards her last journey. Prince William, son of King Charles George III, was following the gun carriage along with Prince Harry, an elderly member of the royal family in this last journey of the Queen. It was giving an impression as if they are saying that we will continue to follow in your footsteps, you will always be smiling in our hearts.

In this journey of the Queen, the tunes of the Scottish and Irish regiments, who were going ahead in this journey, were seen reciting the ballads of the monarchy even when the atmosphere was inconsolable. When the Royal Air Force and Gurkha members were telling the pride of the monarchy, then the soldiers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines standing in this way were seen stepping in the glory of the Queen. When the three UK armies presented a guard of honor in the honor of the Queen at Parliament Square, it seemed as if they were narrating the saga of the Queen’s glory to the sky. Together, the tunes of the Royal Marines Band tied the knot. As you are saying this, you will be remembered every moment dear Queen Elizabeth.

The royal rituals of farewell became memorable

The doors of Westminster Abbey, a short distance from Westminster Hall, were open for guests at 8 a.m. Famous heads of state and famous politicians, along with royal families from all over the world, had arrived in London to say goodbye to the Queen. At the same time, influential British politicians and former UK Prime Ministers also made their presence felt. Here the program started at 11.00 and with it started the arrival of important guests. United States President Joe Biden arrives with First Lady Jill Biden. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, India’s President Draupadi Murmu, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, French President Emmanuel Macron had arrived to bid the last farewell to the Queen.

At the same time, members of royal families from across Europe also came to say their last goodbyes to the Queen. Among them were relatives of the Queen. Queen Letizia also arrived with King Philip of Spain along with King Philip of Belgium and Queen Mathilde. About 2000 people had reached here for the Queen’s stance. These rituals, which buried the queen, took place in strict rules. Its military marches and protocols like ‘Living in State’ became a memory of life in the minds of foreign guests visiting here. In the year 2002, Queen Elizabeth’s mother was also given her last farewell here. However, since the 18th century, Westminster Abbey has been without the last farewell of any emperor.

You have memories in your prayers too

In the last-minute prayers of the Queen, the King of Westminster David Holly, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, included his recollections of his words in such a way that there was a gleam with moisture in the eyes of the people present there. During this, UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, who was present there, was also seen praying. 11:55 UK local time At the end of the funeral at Westminster Abbey, there was a brief trumpet. Its voice told in a very short time what the queen was and how important she was.

This was followed by a two-minute silence as if Elizabeth II you were wonderful and wonderful. The UK national anthem played in the middle of the afternoon reminded me of the promise that 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth had made to her country that whether my life is long or short, she will be in your service. Instead of the Queen’s flute player, as if the memories of the Queen were reverberating in the condolence song. With this, this process of prayers stopped here.

When the Queen’s tarana was sung from Big Ben

Britain’s Queen’s coffin at 12.15 a.m. is carried on a foot march from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch, a corner of Hyde Park in London. The speed of this last farewell of the Queen passing through the streets of London was slow. The convoy of soldiers of the British forces standing in queues was a strong and splendid proof of the royal ceremony of this last farewell of the Queen. The bells ringing every minute from Big Ben were giving the Queen the feeling of being recited a lullaby in her last sleep. Every minute from Hyde Park, the salute of the guns was like saying that your face will remain fresh in our mind, your pride will always resonate in our hearts. Silent common people standing in the audience galleries are saying as if we will not be able to forget you.

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