Elizabeth & Philip Love Story: Queen Elizabeth II ruled the throne of Britain for 70 years, but the age of her love was much older. Elizabeth and her husband Philip maintained a marriage relationship for 74 years. As happy as the married life of Elizabeth and Philip was, their love story was also no less than a fairy tale.

This love story begins in the year 1939… Then Elizabeth was just 13 years old when she first saw Prince Philip, Prince of Greece and Denmark. At that time Philip was 18 years old. This meeting took place at the Royal Naval College in London, where Elizabeth went with her mother. Philip was then working hard to make a career in the Royal Navy. It was love at first sight. Elizabeth was in awe of Philip on seeing him. Both of them looked at each other and then all their lives did not settle anyone in their eyes.

Elizabeth used to be shy on seeing Philip

During the holidays, Prince Philip used to reach London to meet his royal relatives. By 1944, Elizabeth had completely fallen in love with Philip. She started keeping Philip’s pictures in her room. Marion Crawford, Queen Elizabeth’s nanny, wrote in her book, ‘The Little Princess’ that whenever Elizabeth saw Prince Philip, she turned red in shame. She could never take her eyes off him.

Elizabeth became the strength of Philip who went to war

The turning point in this love story of Elizabeth and Philip came when Philip had to go to war. That was the period of World War II. When Prince Philip was fighting for Britain, his strength became Elizabeth’s letters. In these letters, Elizabeth used to express her love. When Prince Philip returned from the war in 1946 after the war, he had several meetings with Elizabeth. The relationship between the two was getting stronger. Prince Philip’s cousin Margaret Rhodes wrote in her autobiography The Final Courtesy that the princess was in true love from the beginning. Her father King George also felt that Prince Philip was the right partner for her.

Prince Philip proposes to Elizabeth for marriage

Eventually, in 1946, at the Balmore Ground, Prince Philip proposed to Elizabeth for marriage, which he immediately accepted. To propose Elizabeth, Philip also wrote a letter which was quite romantic. Philip wrote that after surviving the war and seeing the victory, I have got this opportunity to rest. Being completely and simply in love with someone makes your troubles and the troubles of the world seem very small.

Both got married on 20 November 1947.

After Elizabeth’s yes, Philip asked her father, King George, for her hand. Then King George said that he should only get engaged now. The wedding will take place when Elizabeth turns 21. Both got engaged in 1947. The engagement ring was made from a diamond cut from Philip’s mother’s tiara. After this came the date of 20 November 1947 when both of them had a royal wedding in Westminster Abbey.

Many people objected to the marriage of both

Love demands sacrifice. Philip rejected the Greek and Danish monarchies to marry Elizabeth. However, many people also objected to the marriage of both. Many people believed that Prince Philip was German and Greek and that he would not be right for Elizabeth, but no one knows better than his parents what is right and wrong for their daughter. That’s why at the time of marriage, King George told a guest-

I am shocked by Prince Philip’s decision. He knows what he is doing but still he wants it. He knows that one day Elizabeth will be Queen and that she will just be the person who goes with her. I think this is more difficult than becoming a king.

75 years of relationship on love and respect

King George’s thinking was not wrong. After five years of marriage, Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth. After his coronation, Philip took an oath in front of him that he would play with him every moment. Philip kept this oath. He always respected Elizabeth as Queen. He never came in the way of his duty. Their relationship was based on love and respect. The two lived together for 75 years, but the death of Philip last year left the Queen alone, and exactly 17 months later, Elizabeth also said goodbye to the world.

Now Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held next to her husband Philip’s grave. Elizabeth and Philip lived together for the rest of their lives and even death could not break them.

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