Queen Elizabeth Funeral: The last rites of Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth-II will be performed on 19 September. People stand hungry and thirsty outside Westminster Hall in London to watch the Queen ahead of her funeral. The body of the Queen, who ruled Britain for 7 decades, is kept inside Westminster Hall. Along with the body of Queen Elizabeth II, her prized crown is also kept. The Queen’s crown is studded with 3000 diamonds, including the Kohinoor diamond of India.

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According to the rules of the monarchy, the entire process of the Queen’s funeral takes 10 days. Now only a few hours are left for it to be completed. This is the reason why the crowd is increasing outside Westminster Hall. The lines are getting longer on the streets of London. Everyone standing in the line has to have a last glimpse of the Queen.

People are seen everywhere from Parliament of London to Southwark Park. People say that they are ready to wait for any number of hours. For this he has come with his own preparation. People standing here told that they have also brought some food items in their bags, so that they can spend the whole day in line. However, these people also fear that the wait may be longer.

Special people are also present in the crowd

Not only common people but also special people are present in the crowd waiting for the last glimpse of the Queen. Famous football player David Beckham stood in the same line which is outside Westminster Hall for more than 10 hours. People were also surprised to see him. Proceeding along this line, he reached inside the hall and like others, he also paid tribute to the Queen by bowing her head in front of the body.

Invitation sent to these big personalities

Let us tell you that on September 19, a total of 500 people, including the heads of states of many countries, have been invited for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. These include US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Belgium’s King Philip, Sri Lanka’s Ranil Wickremesinghe and India’s President Draupadi Murmu. It is believed that after a very long time there will be a gathering of such big celebrities in Britain.

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