Queen Elizabeth Death: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, about 600 brands are afraid of losing the Royal Warrant. This royal emblem has a special significance for the Queen’s favorite brands. Now he will have to wait for the approval of the Queen’s successor and King Charles III of Britain for a royal warrant. These companies include companies such as Fortnum and Mason Tea, Burberry Raincoat, Cadbury Chocolate, and even Broomstick and Dog Food.

600 companies have got royal warrant

A total of 600 companies have received the royal seal, and if the new King of Britain does not approve, they will have only two years left to use that seal to attach themselves to the royal family. . Let us tell you that in his former role as Prince of Wales, King Charles issued royal warrants to more than 150 brands for himself.

what is royal warrant

The Royal Warrant Holders Association stated that the Royal Warrant entitles holders to display the appropriate Royal Seal on their products, packaging, stationery, advertising, premises and vehicles. For some companies, a royal endorsement is a powerful tag to sell their stuff.

These companies of the Queen’s choice got royal warrants

Fortnum and Mason were the favorite teas of Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales, who received a Royal Warrant in 1954.

Fortnum and Mason made Royal Blend tea for King Edward VII in 1902.

Twinings held royal warrants for tea and coffee from Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales.

The Burberry Raincoat has a royal warrant for making waterproof and security-proof raincoats for Queen Elizabeth and her eldest son.

Queen Elizabeth loved Dubonnet wine-apéritif- Dubonnet gin cocktail. French wine companies Dubonnet and Mum Champagne along with Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, Laurent-Perrier, Louis Roederer, Mot & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot also have royal warrants.

The Launer Company, which prided itself on supplying the Queen with its current handbags from 1968 until now, is now afraid of losing its valuable market.

Heinz and Kellogg’s get royal warrants

Consumer brands also have royal seals, with Heinz and Kellogg’s having royal seals. Heinz, which is known for its ketchup and tins of baked beans, are loved by Britons. So at the same time, the Kellogg Company has been supplying Kellogg’s to the royal family continuously during the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth. “We used to have a special van, called the Genevieve, that delivered Kellogg’s to the Royals straight from the factory,” said Paul Wheeler, a spokesman for the brand in the UK.

Quality is not the criterion for royal warrants

Please note that royal warrants are valid for 5 years. Its renewal norms are stringent as it is not achieved only on the basis of quality service. In this the trust related to human rights is also important.

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