Qatar School Shut: After the death of a four-year-old Indian girl in Qatar, the authorities took action against the school in which she studied and closed her. Following this incident, Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education has decided to close the Springfield Kindergarten located in Al Waqarah. This information was given in a statement.

Minsa Mariam Jacob, a student of KG One, living in Kerala, had a birthday on September 11. She was a student of a school in Al Waqarah, Qatar. On the day of the incident, this girl had been sleeping in the school bus itself and the bus staff did not notice it. It is being told that it died due to too much heat. The child was only four years old.

three people arrested

According to the news published in UAE-based Khaleej Times, three people have been arrested in connection with this incident. At the same time, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has decided to close private kindergartens. In the initial investigation, the negligence of the school administration has been proved. In a statement issued by the ministry, it has been said that this step has been taken to ensure the safety of the students in our various educational institutions. It has been told by the ministry that the girl died because there was a lack of adequate stops in private kindergartens.

Death due to severe heat and suffocation

The girl’s family sources said that Minsa had boarded the bus on Sunday morning, but fell asleep on her way to school. The car’s staff left the car without checking whether there was any child left inside the bus and parked it in the parking lot. When the staff of the car returned in the afternoon, the driver saw a four-year-old girl lying unconscious there. The girl was immediately taken to the hospital, but by then she had died. Initial reports have revealed that the girl died due to extreme heat and suffocation.

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