Nasa’s Dart Mission: Next week a big historical event is going to happen in the world. NASA scientists are about to hit a meteorite with a special space plane. The name of this meteorite is Dimorphus. It is also called Moonlet i.e. Little Moon. The main purpose of its collision is to see whether there is any change in the path of the meteorite after the collision. This collision, to be held next week, is being done for the first time on a large scale. This is such an experiment, through which the possibilities of saving the earth from any such disaster in the future are being explored.

what is the name of the mission

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission to a particular spacecraft There will be a collision in a meteorite. Space scientists want to see if a meteorite is moving towards it to hit the Earth, then its path can be changed or not. NASA has shared the detailed information of this mission.

The smallest meteorite

It’s Near Earth  Another big meteorite named Didymos is circling itself. NASA scientists have said that their main goal is to assess the danger of meteorites and comets present near the Earth, that is, within a radius of about 50 million kilometers. Diamorphus is about 160 meters in diameter. This is the smallest of the things NASA has tried to hit in space so far.

When will the collision happen

According to US time, this wonderful event is likely to happen on Monday, September 26 at 7.14 pm i.e. at 4.44 am on Tuesday, according to Indian time. On the day this collision occurs, a small satellite of the Italian Space Agency will take pictures of the incident and send it to the scientists. When this collision occurs, the meteoroids will be 11 million kilometers away from the Earth."text-align: justify;">
NASA scientists say that this  aircraft will be hit by a meteorite with great speed, due to which  The meteor could change the path of the body. After that scientists will study its changed path from Earth with the help of telescope. Scientists will also see whether the path of Diamorphus has changed or not and if it has changed, how much has changed.
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