Tip Of 2 Lakh Rupees: If you often go to eat food in the restaurant, then you must have given a tip to the waiter at some point or you must have seen someone giving a tip. Usually such people give 50-100 rupees in tip. If it is enough, then 200-300 rupees, but have you heard that someone has eaten food worth one thousand rupees and given 2 lakh rupees in the tip. We know you must be surprised by this, but it is true. Let us tell you the whole matter in detail.

Strange case surfaced from America

Actually, this whole matter has come out from America. According to the Mirror report, there is a restaurant named Alfredo Cafe in Pennsylvania. A female waiter named Marianna Lambert works here. A person gave a tip of more than two lakhs to the restaurant after eating food worth about Rs. It was told that the customer had done this inspired by the ‘Tips for Jesus’ campaign, but after about three months, the customer gave a big blow to the restaurant.

ask for tip money back

By now you must have understood that why the customer gave a tip of two lakh rupees on the food of one thousand rupees. Now we will also tell you that this person even asked for his money back from the restaurant after three months. A customer named Eric sent a letter to the restaurant asking him to return the tip money. According to media reports, the customer filed a claim for refund citing credit card charge and back rules.

restaurant reached court

The restaurant tried to contact the customer, but to no avail. Erich was adamant on taking back the money. Now the restaurant has knocked on the door of the court. The restaurant’s manager, Jackie Jacobson, says, “Very disappointed with the customer’s actions. I thought someone was doing a really good job, but this incident has shattered our trust.”

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