Fire Broke out In Builing: A massive fire broke out in a skyscraper in Changsha city of China on Friday. State media reported that the casualties were “currently unknown”. State broadcast CCTV reported, “Dense smoke is coming out of the scene and several dozen floors are burning badly.” With this it was told that the firefighters have started extinguishing the fire and rescue work at the spot.

Telecom company’s office was in the building

The report said that the fire has burnt a high-rise building to ashes. The building also housed the office of the state-owned telecommunications company, China Telecom. A picture released by CCTV showed flames rising from the middle of a building in a built-up area of ​​the city and black smoke billowing into the sky.

The population of Changsha city is one crore

Hunan’s fire department said preliminary investigations showed a fire broke out in the outer wall of the 42-story building. With this, it was told that at present the fire has been extinguished and there has been no casualty. Let us tell you that the population of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, is about one crore.

36 fire trucks and 280 fire fighters

According to media reports, 36 fire trucks and 280 firefighters have been deployed at the spot to control the fire completely. A video posted on social media by a local news outlet also showed that the outside of the tower was completely blackened.

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