Women Robbed Bank by ToyGun: The situation in Lebanon is continuously deteriorating. For the last three years, this country is stuck in the quagmire of economic crisis. Here people are not even able to withdraw the money deposited in their account. There are also reports of protests from time to time regarding this. Just last month, a man held bank workers hostage for several hours at gunpoint. He did all this due to non-receipt of money deposited in his account.

He said that he needed the money for the treatment of his family members. Now after about 1 month, again a similar incident has come from this country, but this time no man but a woman went to rob the bank. Surprisingly, he robbed the bank with the help of Toygan. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Withdraw as much money as was deposited

According to the report, this incident happened on Wednesday. Here a woman enters the BLOM Bank in the Sodeko neighborhood of Beirut at around 11 a.m. As soon as she enters the bank, she takes out the ‘gun’ (toygun) and takes some of the staff at gunpoint. She then asks the bank officials to give her deposit, threatening to shoot her when the banker refuses. After about 1 hour of drama, the woman took out about 13 thousand dollars from the bank in the bag and then ran away from the bank.

Wake up in time, then you will get money

According to the report, the woman has been identified as Sally Hafeez. He did all this drama to withdraw money from his account. Because there is no direct money, so he had to do this drama. A local TV channel reported that Hafeez had deposited it for the treatment of his younger sister. Her younger sister has cancer and she needed money for treatment, but the banks there are not allowing to withdraw the money. At the same time, the woman’s mother said, “We have so much money in the bank. My daughter was forced to take this money like this. Had she not done so, my other daughter could have died too.”

Big news this month

Let us tell you that this is the second such incident in a month in Lebanon. In mid-August, a man staged a similar drama at another bank to withdraw his own money for the treatment of his ailing father. The accused was later arrested by the police in this incident, but he was later released after the bank withdrew his complaint. At that time also a large number of people were in support of that accused. Now in this case also the woman is getting the support of other people.

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