Iran Hijab Protest: After the death of Mahsa Amini, Iran is now burning in the fire of protest. Demonstrations against the hijab are now turning violent in Iran. The fire of burning the hijab can burn many cities in Iran. Protest and aggression against the hijab is spreading. Earlier women were burning hijabs and now people are seen intent on burning government property on the road with a ruckus.

According to the information, in view of the increasing violence in many cities of Iran, Internet services have to be stopped so that people avoid rumors and do not become violent.

Violent protests against hijab in Iran

Demonstrations are happening more or less everywhere in Iran. At one place, the protesters came out and got crowded with the guards. The protesters beat up the guards a lot. At the same time, there is news of death of 5 people in Diwandareh city. This is the part of the Kurdish region of Iran, where most protests are being held against the hijab. If these demonstrations continue to grow like this, then it may have to bear the brunt of it for many decades.

The conspiracy of Iran’s opponents – Ibrahim Raisi

There are also reports of the arrest of several protesters in Iran. Meanwhile, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has also expressed condolences to the family of Mahsa Amini and promised an investigation into the death. However, President Raisi is also saying that this is a well-planned conspiracy of Iran’s opponents. Let us tell you that for not wearing a hijab, the police had detained Mehsa Amini, who had come to visit Tehran with the family and then she died.

US support for Iranian women

On the other hand, the police of Iran is denying the allegations of death due to beating. Police claim that Mahsa Amini has died due to heart attack. On the other hand, the people of America stand with the brave women of Iran. US President Joe Biden was speaking at UNGA and also mentioned the issue of Iran. He clearly said that the people of America stand with the brave women of Iran. Earlier, voices had also been raised in support of Iranian women from India.

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