Lottery Ticket: Lottery is such a thing that can change the luck of any person at any time. Something similar happened with an Indian farmer, who was working in Dubai. This farmer was doing a job in Dubai only because the loan he has on him should be removed. In such a situation, the person above heard it in such a way that if the debt is there, now he will live a good life.

According to a Gulf News report, a person named Thinakar has won a prize of 10 million dirhams in the 57th Weekly Live Mahjooj Draw of the United Arab Emirates. If this amount is converted into Indian currency, then it is approximately Rs 20,23,90,155. The winner of the draw, Thinakar works as a mason in the city of Fujairah. Thinakar got five winning numbers (1, 33, 40, 45, 46) in a live draw. Thinakar’s fortunes changed in a jiffy.

Thinakar came to Dubai to do a job to pay off the debt

Thinakar had gone to the UAE two years ago with money borrowed from friends to reduce his family’s debt. He watched his roommates take part in the lottery for months. Seeing them, Thinakar also started participating in the lottery. They say that the blessings of my grandparents have given me this money as a lifeline to save my family.

what will you do with the money

After winning the lottery, when Thinakar was asked what he would do with so much money, he told that first of all he will pay off his loan. He then plans to use some of the money he has won to help improve the facilities at the school in his village.

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