SCO Summit 2022: The Shanghai Cooperation Conference i.e. SCO meeting is being held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave this evening to take part in it. Earlier in Samarkand, ABP News had a special conversation with Manish Prabhat, Ambassador of India to Uzbekistan. In this conversation, he threw light on what issues would be talked about on behalf of India.

He said that SCO is an important organization and India is its member since 2017. It has 4 countries of Central Asia, which are its members. Apart from this, Russia and China are already members, later India and Pakistan have got membership. He said that ever since India joined the Shanghai Cooperation Summit, it has played a positive role. He said that India has played a positive role on issues ranging from terrorism to mutual cooperation, what should be the stand of SCO countries.

Terrorism an important issue

When Manish Prabhat was asked about the issue of terrorism, he said that terrorism is an important issue. If all the leaders will meet in this conference, then this matter will also be discussed. He said that the Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure in SCO, its headquarter is in Tashkent, which is in Uzbekistan. In this, all the representatives of SCO countries exchange on this matter what should be the role on terrorism and how to deal with it. He said that there is an agreement among the SCO countries that terrorism has to be tackled together.

India and Iran relations will be strengthened

Regarding relations with Iran, Manish Prabhat said that bilateral dialogue is important, especially with those countries with which India has good relations. There are different types of partnerships with each country, like we have with Uzbekistan, and if bilateral talks take place, our country will get a lot of strength. Relations between India and Iran will also be strengthened.

Chabahar port is very important for India

He said that there is Chabahar Port in Iran, India has taken initiative for that. This port will be important in future, but it has become important in today’s time. India has also got a lot of cooperation from Uzbekistan regarding this port. If many more countries are expected to join in this, then such Chabahar is very important for India.

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