Hindu-Muslim Clash in Leicester: The leaders of the Hindu and Muslim communities made a goodwill appeal on Tuesday after a riot in the eastern England city of Leicester. At the same time, the police have arrested 47 people in connection with the violent clashes that took place after the India-Pakistan cricket match. Pradyuman Das, president of the city’s ISKCON temple, read a statement with leaders of the Muslim community outside a mosque in the city, expressing ‘sad’ over the violence over the weekend. Is. Community leaders demanded that the “hate-provoking” leave Leicester and that the act of incitement and violence be stopped immediately.

The statement said, “Our message to anyone who sows hatred between us is clear – we will not allow you to succeed. We ask everyone to respect the sanctity of religious places including mosques and temples equally.” “Provocations should be stopped, whether it is playing loud music, raising flags, raising abusive slogans or making attacks,” the statement said. This is not acceptable, nor do our religions say so.”

Hindu-Muslim leaders further said this

The statement said, “We are a strong family, we will work together to resolve whatever concerns we may have. We do not need the help of people from outside in the city. There is no place in Leicester for a foreign extremist ideology that creates division.” According to the statement, Hindus and Muslims have lived together in the city for half a century.

British police said on Tuesday that police forces were patrolling to prevent incidents of riots. Earlier, the Indian High Commissioner in London had issued a statement strongly condemning the violence against the Indian community and demanded protection to the affected people.

Leicester Police said this

Leicester police said a 20-year-old man has been sentenced to 10 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon during a clash in the city. Local resident Amos Noronha was arrested from the scene on Saturday and produced before the Leicester Magistrates’ Court. There was sufficient evidence against him on the basis of which the charges were framed.

Rob Nixon, the ‘temporary chief constable’ of Leicestershire Police, said the action showed that a serious crime had been committed and that he would remain in prison. “We will not tolerate this nuisance in our city,” he said. According to Nixon, police forces are deployed, information and reports are being processed, as well as people have been assured of their safety. He said, “We are working to keep you safe and arrest the accused. Those who have harmed our communities will be brought to justice.”

Violence erupts after Indo-Pak match

According to police, Hindu-Muslim groups clashed after the India-Pakistan cricket match in Dubai as part of the Asia Cup late last month. The police have called it a ‘serious nuisance’. The police officer said that police patrolling is going on in the eastern part of the city so that there is no incident of nuisance. He said that a total of 47 people have been arrested in connection with the riots in the city, some of whom are from other cities including Birmingham.

According to the police, police forces have been called from the surrounding areas. The right to disperse people and to intercept and search people has been used to restore peace in the area. Videos circulated on social media show a temple flag being lowered and glass bottles being thrown.

Indian High Commission said this

“We strongly condemn the violence against the Indian community in Leicester and the vandalism of Hindu religious complexes and symbols,” the Indian High Commission said in a statement issued on Monday. We have taken up this matter vigorously and demanded immediate action against those involved in these attacks. We call upon the authorities to provide security to the affected people.”

Migrant group Insight UK has claimed that most of the incidents of violence were due to rumors and fake news circulated on social media. Leicester Mayor Peter Solsby said things were being distorted and shared on social media. He alleged that people from outside are instigating violence in the city.

Hindu Council UK said in a statement, “We condemn the incident of damage to Hindu temples. These are places of worship and they should not be disrespected.” According to the statement, “We call upon the Hindu community to work with the authorities to maintain peace. Leicester is known for its cultural diversity, unity and solidarity among communities.”

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