Guinness World Record By 127 Dogs: Dogs set a unique world record in England. These 127 dogs had arrived at the screening of the adventure comedy movie 101 Dalmatians. The special thing is that dogs also have an important role in this movie. After watching this movie, the name of these dogs has been registered in the Guinness World Record. The event was organized by dog ​​boarding business owner Rachel Marie. The purpose of this program was to collect funds to save the dogs.

Earlier there was a plan to show 200 dogs movie

This plan to set a world record by showing movies to dogs was made by Dog Boarding Business Owner Rachel. He says that his first target was to bring 200 dogs to show the movie, but due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the number of dogs was reduced. Similar screening was done before this as well. However, Mary’s screening broke the previous record. This time 127 dogs participated in this event held at Worcester’s Perdiswell Leisure Center. In the past record, 120 dogs participated in the screening of The Secret Life of Pets 2 in Brazil in 2019.

Liked I 101 Dalmations Dogs

Perhaps this comedy movie 101 Dalmatians was seen by dogs because it is also about dogs. The story of this Walt Disney Pictures movie is also related to saving dogs. This movie is directed by Stephen Hereck. It tells the story of fashion designer Anita and her computer game designer Roger falling in love because of their dogs. Roger’s Dalmatian pet dog Pongo falls in love with Perdita, a bitch of the same breed.

Perdita’s mistress is fashion designer Anita Campbell. Both the owners of the dogs fall in love with each other and they get married. Along with this Pongo and Perdita are also married. Perdita is pregnant and gives birth to 15 puppies. Fashion designer Anita Campbell’s mistress, Crella I Will, is obsessed with dog fur coats and goes after Perdita’s puppies for it. This movie is the story of Anita and Roger saving these puppies.

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