Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Heads of the world were invited to attend the Last Rites of Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday Elizabeth was cremated with full honours. French President Emmanuel Macron had also reached London to attend this ceremony but he got trolled on social media. They are being heard very loudly.

In fact, a day before the Queen’s funeral, Emmanuel visited Westminster Hall in London with his wife. On this occasion, he was seen wearing casual clothes and sneakers shoes. He was heavily criticized on social media for this. People have called it shameful. People have said that it is appropriate for a President to attend a funeral to wear such a dress?

Eye glasses, feet sneakers

It was also discussed on a French radio talk show after criticism on social media. It said that it is astonishing to see a President wearing street wear at an event like this. It was said in this talk show that the President who went to pay the respect also had a dress code. So how can they wear street clothes like this?

Some even supported Macros

While Emmanuel Macron was being criticized on one hand, some people were also seen in his support. People who came in his support said that when Macron went in front of the coffin at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, he was wearing only official dress. He was wearing a black suit and tie. People who supported Macron said that a lie has been spread to defame the President.

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