Protest Against Hijab: The voice of opposition to Hijab in Iran has intensified now and it is resonating in 12 cities. 22-year-old Masha Amini was killed in Moral Police custody for not wearing a hijab, against which women took to the streets to protest. In the university of the capital Tehran, the girl students raised slogans and also opposed the classes.

University students also came in support of these girl students and they also raised slogans. Most of the hijab is being opposed in the province of Kudinstan. Its protest has been seen in 12 cities including Kudinstan, Urmia, Khremanshah, Kom Rasht. Schools, offices and markets were closed in these cities. Not only this, slogans were also raised against the supreme leader of Islam religion Khamenei. This is the first time in Iran that a supreme leader of Islam is being opposed on such a large scale.

Firing on protesters, internet services suspended

The government has stopped internet services in many cities. The police also opened fire on the protesters, in which 5 protesters were killed and 85 were injured. Apart from this, about 250 people have been arrested. In view of the protests, the Iranian government has deployed 50 thousand additional police forces in many cities including Tehran.

Khamenei’s son Mujtaba is the mastermind

Experts in Iran’s affairs believe that Mujtaba, son of Supreme Leader Khannai, is also the reason for the recent protests. Mujtaba is the mastermind of the strictness of hijab and moral policing. Apart from this, for the first time in Iran, the reformist party Etimad-e-Milli has demanded the abolition of hijab compulsory and moral policing. Major Shia leader Janjani has opposed the necessity of hijab. So at the same time, the Women’s Organization has also come out against it.

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