Mahsa Amini Death Row: Protests are taking place in many parts of the world apart from Iran after the death of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini. Demonstrations were also held in India. Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that at the time of Mahsa Amini Funeral, his father had prayed for Islamic prayer. Permission refused. Although ABP News does not confirm this viral video.

Amini died on 17 September. She went into a coma due to a head injury and died during treatment at the hospital. For Amini’s death, Iranian police are accused of being detained and beaten for not wearing a hijab, due to which she fell into a coma and later died.

What is the matter of viral video?

In the viral video, a lot of people are seen on the spot, a debate is being heard among the people. Emily Schrader, a user who describes herself as a writer, speaker and feminist in her Twitter profile, has tweeted this video. He wrote in the tweet, “Mahasa Amini’s father refused to allow Islamic prayer during the funeral. He says to the cleric who prays for him, “Your Islam has blamed him, now you have come to pray for him? Aren’t you ashamed? You killed him for two tufts of hair!”

Police dealing with protesters like this

Mahsa Amini was a resident of Sakej in Kurdistan. Protests erupted on the spot even at the time of his funeral. According to reports, during the funeral of Amini on Saturday in Sakej, women had raised anti-government slogans while demonstrating. The police had to fire tear gas shells against the protesters. One of the protesters had to be admitted to the hospital. Kurdish rights group Hangau said 33 people were injured in Sakage.

There was also a huge protest near the university in Tehran regarding Mahsa Amini. There are also reports of some violent demonstrations. The anger of the people is not taking the name of calming down. People are demonstrating against the Iranian police and the government. Especially young women are involved in large-scale protests. There are also girl students studying in them. Videos and pictures have emerged from Iran in which women are seen burning their hijabs and cutting their hair in protest.

Iranian police have denied the allegations of assault with Mahsa Amini. Police claim that Amini died due to falling ill.

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