Elon Musk Vs Twitter: Billionaire and Tesla company CEO Elon Musk has filed a reply in court alleging data security flaws on micro-blogging site Twitter. Musk filed a response urging the court to allow him to terminate the $44 billion deal. Responding to the allegations of the Twitter whistleblower, Musk filed a response in court, modifying his already filed case. Musk also accused Twitter of not complying with a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission over user data.

On the one hand, Elon Musk is trying to end the agreement to buy Twitter, while Twitter shareholders have supported the buyout deal. Twitter has filed a petition demanding that Musk complete the deal, but Musk terminated the deal saying that he found misleading information about Twitter.

What did Musk say in the countersuit

“Needless to say, the new disclosures make it clear without a doubt that the Musk parties have every right to independently withdraw from the merger agreement for a number of substantial reasons,” the revised countersuit said. The statements of Chief Peter Jatko (Whistleblower) were cited in the court. Jatco also exposed Twitter’s data security flaws, which the company had fired. At the same time, the company had said that the Jatkos were not able to handle the responsibility according to their position.

Let us tell you that Elon Musk had made a deal to buy Twitter for about $ 44 billion for $ 54.20 per share, which he later canceled. Musk had alleged that Twitter did not provide him with the details of the fake accounts. Musk cited the issue of payments to Twitter’s whistleblowers as one of the main reasons for canceling the deal. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Musk’s lawyers said Twitter did not obtain their consent before paying Peter Jatko and his attorneys $7.75 million, which violated the merger agreement, so the deal was not necessary to complete. was. Musk canceled the deal, saying that there were bots, spam and fake accounts on Twitter, so he had to end the deal.

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