Turkey ship sinked: On Saturday night, an Egyptian container-laden cargo ship overturned at the port of Iskenderum in Turkey. The ship reached Iskenderam from Mersin, Turkey on 17 September. Many containers on the ship sank in the sea. In a related video on social media, a ship named Sea Eagle can be seen turning towards shore and sinking. According to international reports, it was docked at Turkey’s Iskenderam port and the process of unloading the box was underway at the time of the incident. The outlet said that, the vessel was built in 1984. Which was exactly 38 years old.

What was the main reason for the accident,

Video of the incident shows that a port lift truck was unloading the container. When the 3120 DWT cargo ship capsized. Hearing the sound of the whistle, the people standing near the ship immediately left from there. The ship quickly sank, to the surprise of the crew and unloaders, but fortunately all crew members were rescued.

What did the Turkish government say on the incident,

Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure later said on Twitter that 24 containers were lost from the Togolese-flagged ship and a minor oil spill was also detected. All the crew members of the ship have been safely evacuated. There is also no report of any casualty.

Officers got orders for investigation

Port authorities in Turkey have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the operation to unload the ship’s fuel and retrieve the container is currently underway. Significantly, the systems on the ship were working normally.

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