Corona Virus New Variant: Another new variant of Omicron of corona virus BA.4.6 has been found, which was spreading rapidly in America earlier, now patients infected with it have been confirmed in Britain as well. Britain’s Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) has said in its report released on the COVID variant that after August 14, the new variant Omicron BA.4.6 of Kovid-19 has been confirmed in the test of corona virus samples. This new variant has been found in 3.3% of the samples tested. It is likely to spread rapidly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the new variant BA.4.6 of Omicron is expected to spread rapidly in the US. In recent days, an increase of 9% of its cases has been registered in America. Not only this, this new variant of Omicron has also been identified in many other countries around the world. So far it is difficult to say how dangerous it can prove to be.

Know what is the new BA.4.6 variant of Omicron

The new variant of the corona virus omicron BA.4.6 is a new variant of the earlier variant BA.4. BA.4 was first detected in South Africa in January 2022 and since then it has been mutated several times as the BA.5 variant and is now redesignated as BA.4.6. At the moment it is not entirely clear where BA.4.6 came from. It is possible that this new variant of Omicron can be dangerous too. When two different types of SARS-CoV-2 infect the same person at the same time, it is called recombination.

The investigation report shows that BA.4.6 will be similar to BA.4 in many ways, also turning itself into the spike protein in the same way. All variants of the corona virus enter our cells due to the proteins frozen on their surface. After mutating, the virus becomes more powerful and attacks our antibodies and weakens the immune system. New viruses also protect themselves from antibodies made from the Kovid vaccine.

How dangerous will this new variant of Omicron be

Fortunately, infection with the newer variants of Omicron has resulted in far less severe disease and we have seen fewer deaths than before Omicron. So we expect it to be applicable to BA.4.6 as well. In fact, there is no such report yet as to how dangerous this new version of Corona will be.

However, it should also be noted that the subvariants of Omicron are more transmissible than the previous variants. BA.4.6 appears to be even better than BA.5 at protecting against the immune system. Although this information is not yet completely accurate. According to a UKHSA briefing, initial estimates suggest that BA.4.6 is spreading more rapidly than its first variant BA.5 and that BA.4.6 is mutating more rapidly in the early stages of infection than BA.5. Its growth rate is also high. However, the transition of BA.4.6 is much lower than that of BA.2 and less than that of BA.5.

Vaccine is necessary to avoid Kovid-19 virus

The University of Oxford reported that people who had received three doses of Pfizer’s original COVID vaccine had fewer antibodies in response to BA.4.6 compared to BA.4 or BA.5. This is worrying, as it suggests that COVID vaccines may be less effective against BA.4.6.

Vaccination provides good protection against this serious disease and is still the best weapon to fight against COVID. Booster of corona vaccine has also been approved, which is a good news. In addition, other coronavirus vaccines will have to be developed, which can provide durable protection against these variants. A recent study showed that the nasal coronavirus vaccine gave a strong protection against two types of SARS-CoV-2.

New variants of corona virus may also come

Now the new variants including this BA.4.6 are being closely monitored, as they may cause the next wave of the COVID pandemic. People do not have to take corona lightly and have to be very careful about it. The immunity of BA.4.6 can be prevented to an extent by the new booster dose of corona.

Other new variants after BA.4.6 may also come in the future, as these new variants show that the virus is still with us and to find new ways to overcome our immune response from vaccinations and past infections. change rapidly. That is why it is necessary to be careful about it.

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