Queen Elizabeth II Death: The body of the late Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was brought to London from Edinburgh, Scotland. The coffin of the Queen was kept in Buckingham Palace. There has been a crowd there for the last darshan a day before. Even when the coffin was brought to London, thousands of people gathered on the way to pay tribute to the Queen. On Tuesday evening, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was brought from Edinburgh to London by a Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft.

The Queen, in whose smile Britain used to see her heritage, the last page of her life will be closed next Monday. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on 19 September at the King George IV Memorial Chapel in Windsor, London.

people gathered to pay their last respects

The body of Queen Elizabeth II was brought to London from Edinburgh, Scotland by a special aircraft of the Royal Airforce, but when the convoy of the Queen’s coffin moved from the airport to Birkingham Palace, a huge crowd gathered. Crowds of people on both sides of the streets looked desperate to catch a glimpse of the queen. People were seen present in queues till the palace. Many people did not miss to capture this scene in their mobile cameras. His fans thronged for a look.

15 lakh people reached London for the last farewell

Britain is mourning the death of its 96-year-old Queen. This mourning is compounded by the memories of the Queen, which lasted for 73 years, in which she represented Britain as First Lady. This flood seen on the streets is just a hallmark of people’s respect for that queen. According to an estimate, more than 1.5 million people have reached London to pay their last farewell to the Queen. The Queen’s body will be kept for public viewing at Westminster Abbey, where people will be able to see the Queen for the last time from this evening until the morning of 19 September.

8 kilometer long line may take

Lakhs of people have camped 30 hours before for the last glimpse of the Queen. There is an estimate that the queue to see the queen can be about 8 kilometers long.
The whole of London is currently preparing how the Queen’s funeral can be completed with respect and complete preparation. People coming to see the Queen have been asked to carry only a small bag, in which people can keep umbrella, sunscreen, mobile phone and essential medicines.

500 foreign leaders expected to attend

Most of the countries of the world were saddened and mourned by the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. According to media reports, about 500 foreign leaders are expected to attend the funeral of the Queen. For the safety of all of them, it has been decided in London that even foreign leaders will not be given helicopter service from the airport. Everyone has to go by bus. Very special arrangements have been made for the last journey.

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