Pilot Whales Stranded In Australia: About 230 pilot whales were found stranded on Wednesday on the rugged West Coast of the Australian state of Tasmania. Australian officials said only half appeared to be alive. The state’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment said in a statement that “about 230 whales are trapped near Macquarie Harbor.” Officials said that based on the information received so far, it can be estimated that about half of these animals are alive.

No clear information has been revealed so far about how many of these pilot whales have survived, trapped on the west coast of Tasmania. Scientists suspect that these pilot whales started on the wrong track after eating food from very close to the sea, due to which this incident has come to the fore. Let us tell you that pilot whales are very friendly and can follow podmates who wander in danger. Officials said marine conservation experts and whale rescue personnel would visit the site to investigate.

14 sperm whales died at the beginning of the week

Earlier on Monday, 19 September, a case of mysterious death of 14 sperm whales was reported on King Island, located in Tasmania, Australia. Let us tell you that the sperm whale is considered to be the rarest species in the world, whose teeth are also worth crores of rupees. According to the information, only about three lakh sperm whales are left alive in the world. That is why all the efforts are going on to save this creature all over the world.

Such an incident happened two years ago also

Let us tell you that about two years ago, in the same way, about 500 pilot whales were trapped near the western coast of the Australian state of Tasmania. The rescue team, out of which 100 pilots were able to save the whale alive. That incident was called the biggest incident ever. At that time the rescue operation to rescue the pilot whale went on for a week. In which only 100 whales could be saved and 400 died.

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