Armenia Azerbaijan War: After months of peace, now again there is tension on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. There has been a conflict again on the border between the two countries. Tension has increased between the two countries amid the firing. The situation has become such that if the matter escalates, then these two countries of the Middle East will jump into the fire of war.

With this border conflict that resumed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Security Council of Armenia called an emergency meeting. Armenia’s Defense Ministry has accused the Azerbaijani side of the first firing in several border areas including Goris, Sot, Jermukh.

Armenia asks for Putin’s help
Armenia has announced in its Security Council to report the firing by Azerbaijan to the Russian-led CSTO and the United Nations Security Council. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone, giving detailed information about the whole matter, and sought help to control the situation.

What is Azerbaijan’s side on the firing?
Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of carrying out large-scale military action in the areas of Daskasan, Kalbazar and Lachin along the border late on the night of 12 September. Azerbaijan said the Armenian armed forces took advantage of the darkness and planted explosives in areas between their military posts and supply line roads, prompting them to take defensive measures to control the situation, sparking conflict between the two countries.

What is the situation on the borders of the two countries?
The situation is not good on the borders of both the countries. The Armenian army is firing with various types of weapons, including mortars, at some of the Azerbaijan army positions in the area of ​​Dashkasan, Kalbazar and Lachin, while the Azerbaijan army is continuously responding to this action.

Allied countries appealed for peace?
To calm the border conflict between the two countries, French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken to Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan on the phone. US Secretary of State Tony Blinken has expressed concern over the shelling that began on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and appealed for de-escalation of military tensions in the area.

India also appealed for peace?
Appealing to reduce military tension after violence on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, India’s Foreign Ministry said that both countries should refrain from this aggressive action. He said that any kind of military confrontation is not the solution to any problem.

The Ministry of External Affairs said that India believes that bilateral disputes should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. There can be no military solution to any conflict. We encourage both sides to engage in dialogue to reach a lasting and peaceful solution.

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