Lottery Winner: Illness brings problems to people, but in Australia, a woman became a millionaire due to illness. He won Rs 5.2 crore in the lottery. The disease we are talking about is Corona. Corona may have engulfed the world, but this virus has proved to be a boon for this woman.

This woman says that due to the spread of corona virus in the world, she had to cancel her trip to Europe. Had it not been so, she would never have won this lottery. She told that due to the cancellation of Europe trip, she could not go for a walk and got a chance to win the lottery. Now let’s know how he got this opportunity.

Bought a lottery ticket by canceling the trip

According to media reports, this woman living in Morphett Well in southern Australia won the million dollar lottery. The woman said that if she had gone to Europe, she would not have been able to buy a lottery ticket. She said that now she and her husband are making plans to spend the money.

This woman considers herself lucky

Talking about spending the money received from the lottery, the woman said that she will get some repair work done around her house with this money. At the same time, she also said that at present she is doing a job, but now after getting so much money, she can also think about retirement soon. He said that you do not know what is going to happen next in life. The woman said that she is very lucky that she got a chance to win such a big prize.

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