UK Longest Scooter: Britain’s Kevin Nicks has done amazing feats at the age of 57. He has made the world’s longest scooter, which is about 22 feet in length. Let us tell you that Nix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso a builder and designer by profession. He has done many such feats before.

Where did the idea come from?
He said that after doing sales service repairs for mobility scooters, he was inspired to make this record breaking scooter. One day he looked at the Guinness World Records for Mobility Scooter and thought he could break the previous record for the world’s largest scooter.

when will it be registered record ,

Let us tell you that so far the length of the world’s longest scooter is about 10 feet, which Nix has now broken. His record will be set during the straight line Automotive Records event to be held at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, UK on 25 and 26 September later this month.

What did Kevin Nicks say?
Talking to the media, he told that he made his own 22 feet long electric scooter, which he made in just three days using broken mobility scooter parts. The price of this scooter is very affordable. According to Indian currency, the price of this scooter is only Rs 16,000. Till now the longest scooter in the world used to be 10 feet. There are a total of 4 wheels in this scooter, in this too only 2 people will sit together like a normal scooter.

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