Lottery Winner: The fate of a person washing a car in Dubai has been revealed. The fate of this person shone such that in one stroke he put Rs 21 crore in his account. This person is a resident of Nepal and is named Bharat. It has won the lottery of Rs 21 crore in Mehzooz Draw. With this money, he will improve the future of his family.

Bharat told that his life was spent in great difficulties. He was working as a car wash for the last three years. His brother’s health is very bad, he has a brain tumor. He is undergoing treatment in a Delhi hospital. His father also drives a rickshaw here. With this money, he will help his family members.

Bought lottery tickets with friends

Bharat told that he along with two of his friends had bought the ticket for this lottery. Bharat has become the first such winner of his country, who has got the lottery of such a huge amount. He further told that he will return to his country Nepal on 27 September. After this, he will come again to Dubai and try his luck again in a mere draw.

Auto driver got lottery of 25 crores in India

The luck of an auto rickshaw driver shone in Kerala. In his Onam Bumper Lottery, he got a lottery of Rs 25 crore. Anoop, a resident of Srivaraham in Thiruvananthapuram, had bought the lottery ticket on Saturday night, the results of which were declared on Sunday. After deducting the tax, Anoop will get Rs 15.75 crore.

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